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Pond relining service.

Pond liners are of varying quality and as such have different life expectancies. PVC liners exposed to the sun become brittle and are easily punctured due to accidental damage. We only use butyl rubber and fibreglass to line ponds, both of which have lifetime guarantees.

When we replace your old liner, the fish and other aquatic life is stored in appropriate containers, the top of the pond is re-levelled so there is no unsightly liner showing at one end!

Whilst an old liner can be patched as a temporary fix we generally tend to replace liners giving the pond a new lease of life and peace of mind for you that your pond won’t be leaking again in the future!

See the fibreglass lining page for formal brick or freeform concrete and koi ponds.

2021 UPDATE: This service is DISCONTINUED and no longer available.





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