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Pond cleaning service.

All ponds accumulate sludge over time. Even the most efficient pumps and hi tech filters can’t remove it entirely. Whilst a small ammount is beneficial to the natural ecology of the pool, over time it can reach stagnant levels that must be removed to avoid pollution of the water.

Our speedy and conciencious service does this for you. We store the fish in suitable containers no matter how numerous your fish and other wildlife stocks are. Sludge is then removed, plants are tidied and placed in new baskets as required, your liner is cleaned carefully to remove stubborn algae and dirt, your filters and pumps are fully serviced to maintain maximum efficiency then the fish are returned to a healthy and clean environment for you to enjoy.

What may take a whole weekend to carry out DIY we generally perform this work in a few hours saving you the hassle of getting wet and smelly. The surrounding garden area is protected to keep the work area tidy and we’ll take the time to give you plenty of pond keeping tips during the day our friendly staff are with you.

“Your pond will be beautiful again after being cleaned by Derby Pond Services!”


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